Yoann An Nedeleg (Uillleann Pipes, Low Whistle, Duduk) is a young musician from the Breton musical scene.


Born in Saint­Brieuc (22), Yoann's roots are from the center of Brittany and He evolved in Breton culture from an early age. He attended the Breton Diwan elementary and middle schools where he learned to speak Breton language while opening his mind  to other cultures. He made his first steps in traditional music at the age of  8, learning bombarde in Bagad Sant­ Brieg (Breton pipeband) with Gildas Le Buhé and Gwendal ar Bras.


At the age of 14 , after being  initiated to binioù­kozh – Breton bagpipes – with Stéphane Foll in the traditional music school in Saint­ Brieuc (SKV), he discovered  Uilleann Pipes, otherwise known as Irish bagpipes, while listening to several recordings of pipers like Davy Spillane and John McSherry. Seduced by  the sound of the instrument, he learned how to play under  Loic Bléjean’s advice, a well­known piper from Brittany. Through this, he met the great pipemaker and piper Brendan Ring who made his full set of pipes.


Particularly keen on cultural studies about Celtic countries, he graduated a double degree in history and Breton language, then went and studied for a year at the prestigious Irish World School of Music and Dance in Limerick, Ireland, in 2009.


First Breton musician who attended that school, he had several meetings and musical exchanges and took advantage of that year to improve his mastery of the instrument under the guidance of Mikie Smyth. Back in Brittany the following year, he completed his master's degree in Celtic Studies in Rennes, studying for his thesis the transmission of oral heritage such as Breton and Irish traditional music.


In 2013 Yoann came back to Limerick to prepare a Master of Arts Irish Music Performance at  the University of Limerick where he got the chance to work with Uilleann­Pipes masters such as Liam O’Flynn, Davy Spillane, Blackie O’Connell, Cillian Vallely, John Mc Sherry, Barry Kerr, Tyler Duncan, Tiarnan O’Duinchinn, Ronan Browne, Mick O’Brien, but he also got masterclasses in different music areas with Donal Lunny, Brian Finnegan, Karen Tweed, Alan Kelly, Niall Vallely, Ryan Molloy or Steve Cooney,...


His musical career has led him to perform on stage with many figures of traditional and contemporary music such as Carré Manchot, Hadouk Trio, Rémi Martin, Martin Pinc duo, Bléjean-Cureau trio, Gwennyn,Hopi Hopkins or Davy Spillane. He also released a CD in 2013 and is playing with progressive­ rock band Skaramaka.


He initiated to reed making with Loic Bléjean, Brendan Ring and Mickey Dunne and is still learning and working with pipermaker Ronan Olivier since 2014. 

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